Now that you've taught everything your students will need to know for the NJ ASK, it's time to review and give your students the confidence they'll need to do well.

Human_Bingo Writing.docx

Use this a fun way to review ALL of the NJ ASK strategies you've taught.

Testing Roadblocks(What to do if...)

This may need modifications to your own needs, but it's helpful to address issues like "The writing prompt has no relation to your life" and other possible pitfalls on test day.

NJ ASK Study Guide

You may want to count this as a quiz grade. How much can students MEMORIZE from this study guide?
Writing Cheat Sheet and Writing Kryptonite.docx

Last Minute Writing Tricks

Keeping Calm


Praise, Praise, Praise!

Award certificates for students who do their best WRITING on the NJ ASK

Award certificates for students who do their best READING on the NJ ASK

Build your own certificates!