Essential Questions:

  • What strategies will allow me to be successful on the NJASK? (RL.x.10; RI.x.10; W.x.10)
  • How does knowing what "good readers do" help you to become a better reader?
  • RACE: How does a good reader respond to a text?
  • What strategies will quickly help me to present my best writing ?

Essentials Understandings:

  • Employing test-taking strategies is very beneficial when completing a standardized assessment. Knowing how to manage time, utilize writing tricks, apply text chunking/coding, and approach various question types will prepare students for success.

  • Good readers independently use reading strategies such as: activate prior knowledge, make & revise predictions, make connections, make inferences, draw conclusions, organize information found in a text, select appropriate readings, question the author's choices.
  • Good readers - vary reading strategies by purpose for reading and the nature of the text based on genre.
  • Good readers respond to a text in a manner that incorporates literal and inferential details in addition to direct quotations from the text

  • Good writers evaluate and understand a prompt. They brainstorm in ways that will produce numerous ideas. Good writers know how to organize their writing in ways that increase readbility and understanding.They notice, employ, and repeat successful techniques such as good leads, transitions, compositional risk, and figurative language. Finally, good writers continually review and revise their work. They edit for clarity and readability.