Brain-Friendly Teaching Techniques

Don't just DISCUSS strategies, teach them in an engaging way that will help them STICK!

Hands-on Learners? Have students create an NJ ASK Study Guide Foldable!

Inspirational Pictures

Show a daily inspirational picture for each day of the test or during the week before.
Hang on your door or in your classroom.
Make a hallway display of all of your students' test prep tips.

Traced a game controller so they can "TAKE CONTROL OF THE TEST". The strategies were brainstormed with the students. Very engaging.
NJ ASKopoly. One for Smartboard coming soon!

Test Prep Tournaments

Smartboard Activities

Using Movement in the Classroom

Read about your kinesthetic learners and 4 instructional strategies that will be great for NJ ASK prep activities that include movement.


FREE-Buddy-Test-Prep-Activity (1).pdf

Take a Smile Break!

Use these humorous photos to cut the tension of rigorous test prep. Flash one on the screen and relieve stress!